Courses for professional translators and language professionals

Our research centre, CETAPS (Centre for English, Translation, and Anglo-Portuguese Studies), has established a school for translators aimed at individuals keen on advancing their knowledge in translation practice, tools, and theory from an applied standpoint. The school is managed by Marco Neves and the CETAPS support team and its academic supervisors are Karen Bennett (associate professor at NOVA FCSH), Marco Neves (assistant professor at NOVA FCSH) and David Hardisty (lecturer at NOVA FCSH).

The first courses will be held on January 2024. Enrollments are open till Dec. 20, 2023.

Jan 2024 intensive courses 


Trainers: Kevin Lossner and Marek Pawelek

Kevin Lossner is a writer, translator, solution developer and consulting advocate for the appropriate technology use in language services​​. His background includes a Bachelor's degree and graduate studies in Chemistry (Occidental College, 1983) and coursework in law, and he is a state-examined translator for science​ (Berlin) and a publicly appointed, sworn translator for the courts of Bavaria. His blog, Translation Tribulations, his YouTube channel and online courses through the Teachable platform and Zoom are among the the primary resources for practical CAT tool instruction as well as better practices and policies in the language services industry​.

Marek Pawelec is an English to Polish freelance translator, trainer, consultant and author with an academic background in molecular biology and chemistry. He began translating literature and later also became involved with texts for medicine, life sciences and chemistry. His deep experience as a CAT tool trainer of encompasses all levels of memoQ, with a solid foundation in other environments, such as Trados Studio and Phrase, and interoperable workflows. Known as a "consultant's consultant", he has developed a wide range of solutions, processes and special import filters for challenging workflows and has authored a number of books with detailed coverage of key aspects of critical memoQ technologies.

memoQ for Project Managers (ADVANCED)


Trainers: Kevin Lossner and Marek  Pawelec

Duration: five days (20 hours)

Dates: Jan. 22-26 — 2pm-6pm 

Location: NOVA FCSH, Av. de Berna (Lisbon, Portugal)

Price: €480 

This course is tailored for project managers aiming to master the advanced functionalities and workflows of memoQ. Over five days, participants will engage in a thorough exploration of memoQ, covering not only project workflows, quality assurance (QA), autotranslatable rules, templates, and segmentation, but also terminology management, translation memory (TM) management, liveDocs, regex text filtering, and advanced importing/exporting features. This intensive training includes both theoretical understanding and practical application, ensuring that, by the end of the course, participants are ready to leverage memoQ's advanced features to manage translation projects efficiently.

All participants will be issued a certificate of attendance.



Trainers: Kevin Lossner and Marek  Pawelec

Duration: two days (8 hours)

Dates: Jan. 29-30 — 2pm-6pm 

Location: NOVA FCSH, Av. de Berna (Lisbon, Portugal)

Price: €90 

The course is aimed at translators and reviewers, who want to better understand and handle project workflows for both their own projects and agency-created ones. This will include resource customization, project management, project templates, file import filters, and project navigation, including some regular expressions magic.

All participants will be issued a certificate of attendance.


If you have any doubts or comments, contact Marco Neves (mfneves@fcsh.unl.pt)